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Meeting former colleagues

It was a pleasure to meet again with my former manager, Costas Anastassiou. After 4 years of working at Allen Institut we have published 5 papers together, educated two 2 interns and many students at Dynamic Brain workshop. Now everyone is on its own scientific journey, I have joined Cajal Neuroscience to solve neurodegeneration, Costas moved to Cedars Sinai to start a new lab. I am very glad that we have finished all these projects and keep working in neuroscience field and studying the brain to benefit humanity.

I am very thankful and delighted to have worked with the brilliant scientists in our former team, in particular with Ani Nandi, Yina Wei, Tom Chartrand, Soo Yeyn Lee, Rebecca de Frates and Fahimeh Baftizadeth and many other colleagues at Allen Institute for Brain Science translational and human cell types programs. It was a truly international team and I have learned a lot when working together and making fundamental discoveries with curiosity and rigor.


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