Assistant Professor / Maître de conférences in Neuroscience (France), 2017, 17269291618


Neuromatch Academy, Mentor, July 2020

Dynamic Brain Workshop, Tutor, United States, San Juan Islands, Allen Institute & University of Washington, 2019

Introduction into Computational Neuroscience, Tutor, France, Paris, École Normale Supérieure, Department of Cognitive Neuroscience, 2015, 2014, 2013

Introduction into Neuroscience Modeling, Tutor, France, Paris, École Normale Supérieure, Department of Cognitive Neuroscience,  2014, 2013

Physics and Math private lessons, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2011 - 2010

Invited lectures

Multi-modal characterization and simulation of human epileptic circuitry, Skoltech, Moscow, 2019

Computational Modeling of Human Epilepsy: from Single Neurons to Pathology, Microsoft Research, Redmond, 2018

What is so special about human cortex? or H-channels contribute to divergent electrophysiological properties of supragranular pyramidal neurons in human versus mouse cerebral cortex, Higher School of Economics, Center for Cognition & Decision making, Moscow, 2018.

Ion dynamics in epileptic brain: the role of intracellular chloride for seizure initiationCentre for Cognition and Decision Making, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia, 2016

Drift-diffusion model of decision-making, Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Psychology, Krakow, Poland, March 2015


Sasha Batoukova, Tesla STEM School, October - April, 2020 - 2021

Shao-An Yin, summer intern, Allen Institute for Brain Science, June - August, 2018, together with Fahimeh Baftizadeh

Soumita Bose, summer intern, Allen Institute for Brain Science, June - August, 2017, together with Rebecca de Frates

Dawn Liang, Master intern, University of Washington, September - November, 2016, together with Adrienne Fairhall

Marta Gajowa, Master intern, Ecole Normale Supérieure, February - April 2014, together with Boris Gutkin

Student consulting

Mikey Taylor, Ilya ProkinFedor FedichkinMarta GajovaIvan Smirnov, Liza Selivanova, Artemii Usmanev, Zalina Dezhina, Mirjana Maras, Artem Zefirov, Eugenii Malishev, Julia Dmitrieva, Shao-An Yin, Mira Karlash

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