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Cajal Neuroscience

United States, Seattle

2021 - 2024

Senior Scientist

Genomic analysis of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases (Ben Logsdon)

Allen Institute for Brain Science

United States, Seattle

2017 - 2021

Scientist I

Genomic analysis of Alzheimer's disease (Jeremy Miller)  

Models of human epilepsy (Costas Anastassiou)

Analysis of cortical cell types (Ed Lein)

University of Washington, Department of Physiology and Biophysics

United States, Seattle

2016 – 2017

Post-doctoral fellow

Hydra vulgaris neural network models (Adrienne Fairhall)

Ecole Normale Superieure, Department of Cognitive Neuroscience

France, Paris

2012 – 2015

PhD student

Modeling of single cell and network phenomena of the nervous system:

Ion dynamics during epileptic oscillations and inverse stochastic resonance

(Boris Gutkin and Anton Chizhov)

Computational Physics Laboratory at Ioffe Institute

Saint Petersburg, Russia

2010 – 2012

2007 – 2009

Research Assistant

Adaptation, synchronization and wave solutions in the firing-rate model of population of leaky integrate-and-fire neurons (Anton Chizhov)

American Epilepsy Society, Travel grant, 2016
Modelling of Neural Activity Workshop, Travel grant, 2016
The Swartz Foundation, Post-doctorate fellowship, 2015
Foundation of Medical Research, 4th year PhD fellowship, 2014
Labex, Doctorate Fellowship, 2011
Neuroinformatics conference, Presentation award, 2011
Liliane Bettencourt Foundation, Master Felllowship, 2009
Hippocampus and memory conference, Poster award, 2009
École Normale Supérieure
Department of Cognitive Neuroscience
2012 - 2015
PhD in Computational Neuroscience
Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Department of Physics and Mechanics

2009 - 2011

Master of Physics

Paris Descartes University

Department of Medicine

2009 - 2010, lab rotations
Master of Research
Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Department of Physics and Mechanics

2005 - 2009

Bachelor of Physics

Additional training

Genomic data science

2020, Coursera, John Hopkins University

Deep learning specialization

2019, Coursera,

Machine learning by Andrew Ng

2019, Coursera, Standford

Intelligent machinery course

2018, University of Washington

Dynamic brain workshop

2016, Allen Institute

Machine learning: case study approach

2016, Coursera


Advanced course in computational neuroscience

2013, Beldlewo, Poland

White nights of computational neuroscience

2012, St Petersburg, Russia

Methods for neurophysics: dynamical system theory, statistical physics, wavelet analysis

2011, St Petersburg, Russia

Cellular mechanisms of information transfer: neuronal and synaptic plasticity

2011 St Petersburg, Russia

Electrophysiological applications in neurophysiology

2010, Helsinki, Finland


Hippocampus and memory: norm and pathology

2009, Pushchino, Russia

Models in neuroscience: turning experiments into the knowledge

2008, Zelenogorsk, Russia


Scientific skills

computational problem formulation, machine learning models, data mining, large-scale supercomputer simulations, software development

Computational neuroscience

mathematical modeling, phase plane analysis, spiking neural networks, mean field approximation

Conducting research

writing grant proposals, preparing posters and presentations, manuscript preparation, correspondence with the team members



preparation of materials, giving lectures, checking home works, conducting examination, student supervision



organization of video conferences, lab meetings, conference OCNS 2013

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