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Talking about neuroscience career with school kids

During the COVID-19 lock-down I had a chance to talk with school kids about the career in neuroscience. It is always rewarding to see your growing minds and their interest in science and technology. We talked about brain-computer interfaces to help paralyzed patients, brain disorders and finding new ways to cure them, ethics of animal research and many other things. Hopefully, when the time will pass, some of these kids would decide to make a career in neuroscience and contribute towards understanding of the brain on many different sides.

The presentation was given at Russian school "Lucky Pen" in located in Redmond. This school helps students to prepare for their their entry exams into Universities and also helps them to keep in touch with Russian culture. I am glad they are organizing career seminars for students, so they could hear more about various professions and make their life choices more informed.

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