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Meeting of the minds at Burning Man

Usually I do not wright about my personal adventures unrelated to neuroscience, but not this time. Last year I have been to Burning Man and during one of my night journeys I have discovered the brain moving in the middle of the desert.

Just the presence of it has triggered multiple thoughts about what is it doing here, who brought it there and what are these LED-based electric patterns around middle temporal gyrus. When I came closer, I saw that the brain has been moved on the bicycle.

When I climbed the structure near the brain, I found very pleasant company discussing the meaning of life, consciousness and the brain itself. It was great to meet the creator of this installation, Burning Dan near the brain and share some of my neuroscience knowledge with my new friends, Vasilli and Jenny. It turned out that the brain has been part of the procession this year to bring the brain to the Man before burning ceremony would start. It seems that one could not burn without the brain.

When the time has come, I decided to move further through the night and I already saw new people coming from playa to interact with this special object. Hope to see more brains the upcoming years.

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