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Neuroscience lectures in St Petersburg and Moscow

At the end of the year 2019 I had a chance to go back to Russia and give two lectures in St Petersburg and Moscow.

In St Petersburg I met with my first scientific adviser Anton Chizov. He is currently working between Ioffe Institute of Physics and Sechenov Institute of Physiology. I was a please to hear that they keep working on mechanisms of epilepsy using rat models and successfully merge experiments with theory. During the seminar I had a rare occasion to give a presentation in Russian, which took a lot of preparations. It was also very encouraging to see that there are a lot of young students who are starting their career in neuroscience.

The second seminar took place in the developing Center for Neurobiology and Brain restoration at Skoltech Institute in Moscow. This seminar I have given together with Boris Gutman, who talked about data-intensive studies of Alzheimer disease. The overall talk talk was well received and triggered a lot of questions from the audience. I was impressed to hear good comments and questions about our work at Allen Institute.

I would hope that with these efforts in science and technology in Russia would keep growing. One day the advances in neuroscience research would translated into the cures for various brain disorders and would help to augment the brain function.

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