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Adaptation is important for seizures!

We just published our work about human seizures on pre-print.

The long story short, seizures are unpleasant and might even cause death. But how exactly they work in the human brain still has many questions after decades of research. In our work we propose a simple model to explain some aspects of seizure dynamics in the human brain. Usually we think of epileptic seizure as a swing, where on one side there is excitation and on the other inhibition. When the balance is lost, excitation wins and there is no more fun swinging. In fact this is just one part of the picture, self-inhibition caused by adaptation in the excitatory neurons is also important. Without it, proper seizure could not be generated. Therefore it must be present in a certain form during seizures and normal brain function. Models like this help to assemble the whole picture of seizure pathology together.

P. S. When the time permits, will make a review story on medium and biomolecule.

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