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Neuroscience in the art gallery

Evolution of the cortex

Listeners and the sculpture of Maria Sho

The lecture could be found here

Recently I have visited my hometown Saint Petersburg in Russia. After seeing family and friends, as well as getting my H1B visa I decided to organise the popular science lecture about neuroscience. We have found a place in the gallery called "Intimate place" organised by Marina Maraeva. At the same time there was an exhibition of the talented painter Maria Sho, whose papier mache sculptures and paintings were all around the place. Indeed it was the true Art & Science event - about half of the audience were artist while the second were programmers and physicists. Some people do both.

Thanks to advertisement in social networks about 40 people came to listen about the recent developments of neuroscience of vision and human epilepsy. We were discussing the cortical architecture and its amazing possibilities to adapt to the external stimuli. I was also talking about the mechanisms of epilepsy and how it could help us to cure the diseases and give the insights into the human brain function in case of linguistic studies.

I was excited to see so many clever eyes eager to learn about about the recent advances of the brain science. These events are very special to me because they allow people to learn about the current understanding of brain research and great opportunity to hear the response of the wide audience with various backgrounds. We have also recorded a video that will be available once mounted.

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