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New job at Cajal neuroscience

Today is my last day at the Allen Institute. It is a bittersweet feeling to leave this amazing company with a great mission. It has truly been an honor and privilege to have worked here for the last 4 years. Before joining the Institute, I was a post-doc at University of Washington and student at the Dynamic Brain workshop in 2016. Seeing the impact of open science has inspired me to join in 2017. I have started working at the translational neuroscience program with Costas Anastassiou to understand the mechanisms of human epilepsy and develop better brain stimulation protocols against epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. During my 4 years at the Institute it was a journey where I have been working with different computational methods from modeling to machine learning to improve our understanding of the human brain in norm and disease. I am especially grateful for the opportunity to teach at Dynamic Brain Workshop and supervision of very talented interns: Soumita Bose and Shao-An Yin.

I feel extremely thankful and privileged to have worked with one of the most talented, forward-thinking individuals in neuroscience and I will really miss all of you. I am especially thankful to the leaders that let me take part in such great projects: Costas Anastassiou for leading human epilepsy project, Brian Kalmbach and Jonathan Ting for their work on human neurons and neuropathology, Ed Lein and Jeremy Miller for single cell transcriptomics and brain evolution, Uygar Sümbül and Rohan Gala for applications of Machine learning in biology. I want to thank all of you for being wonderful colleagues and sharing your knowledge and inspiration.

For my next adventure, I will be joining Cajal neuroscience biotech startup as a senior computational biologist. I hope to fully leverage my neuroscience and computational expertise I gained at Allen Institute and apply it for drug discovery against Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons and other neurodegenerative disorders.


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