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Interns at Cajal Neuro

It was a great pleasure to supervise the interns this year. My intern, Temitope Adeoye did an amazing job developing and testing the algorithms for mapping cells to the reference datasets based on gene expression patterns. This work included non-linear dimensionality reduction using variational auto-encoders, anomaly detection algorithms, deep understanding of the molecular data types and many other aspects of work with single cell RNA-seq data. His background in modeling helped him to undetstand the problem and find the robust solution to identify diseased cells and robustly characterize the cell type identity. We will use the results of this work to continue our search for treatments against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. It was a pleasure to work with Temitope during his internship at Cajal.

On the picture is our comp bio team during boating at Lake Union in Seattle.


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