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Lecture about neuroscience for school kids

I have been recently invited to the Sunday school for Russian-speaking school kids in Redmond, Washington. They asked me to give a short lecture about neuroscience research and how is it to work as neuroscientist. It was highly rewarding experience to chat with the kids about how does my day look like, what are the important directions of neuroscience research, why do we actually need to study the brain?

In the beginning the lecture was a bit too technical, but later when I encouraged them to ask questions, it turned out they were very curious. There were multiple questions about brain-computer interfaces, neuroprosthetics and brain disorders. I would hope that some of them would later come to the neuro engineering career path.

Kids at school often do not have a possibility to explore all the career options and talk to people from different domains. In Redmond the majority of people are doing programming and data science and kids often do not know what are the available options to them. Thanks to Lucky Pen school and Zenik Tkach for inviting me there.

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