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Lecture about comparing mouse and human neurons in Moscow

I have recently been invited to give a lecture at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. I have been talking about our work in the Allen Institute for Brain Science about human neurons. We have found that human neurons have much more Ih than mouse ones of the same type. It might seem unimportant that such a tiny details, like channel expression is different between mouse and humans, but it might have some serious implications. The presence of these channels have some effects on the extracellular fields, which cold be important for the development of Brain-Computer interfaces. On the medical side, mutations in this channel might lead to serious pathologies of the nervous system, like epilepsy.

Overall the presentation went well, I had a lot of meaningful questions from the audience. Understanding that it was not the main axis of research of the center, I was impressed by how much interested the students and researchers were. It was very encouraging to see science development in my home country and support it as I can do. I hope the development of human work would continue in both Institutions, so we would have more potential collaborations.



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